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Reach all target audiences. Not only where they go. But also where they view. And when it makes sense. End-to-end from a single source. This is not retail media of the future. It is retail media from LAYA.

LAYA Media gives advertisers the opportunity to reach their target audience in the right place at the right time: when they are poised to buy. With innovative omnichannel advertising formats in the leading e-commerce platforms and in the stationary retail trade including SportScheck (sportscheck.com), Galeria (galeria.de), Leiner (Leiner.at) and many others.

The broad base and high quality of our data not only enables you to focus communication on your target audiences – you also gain in-depth insights that give you an even better understanding of your customers.

LAYA Media is the one-stop solution for reaching different target audiences across their customer journey with high-quality wide-ranging topics in a variety of shops and stores. End-to-end, online and offline, across all channels. And with us, it couldn’t be simpler.

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Strong together: The new retail media partnership of GALERIA & LAYA Media

Our products and services

What channel do I use to communicate with my target audience? Which formats are best suited in this case? We will be happy to advise you on how to best achieve your goals – with all services from briefing to detailed reporting from a single source. Find out more about our products here:

Newsletter & Print Campaigns

CRM: The fastest, most effective way of reaching your target audience.

Based on our tailored selection of customer data, we send brand, product or category-related newsletters and print mailings on your behalf. This enables us to focus on your target audience, for instance in the case of a product launch, after sales activation, replenishment, reactivation, the acquisition of new customers or other campaign goals.

Display Ads

Display ads: eye-catchers tailored to your target audience.

You can use our high-reach e-commerce platforms and large-format high quality banners to prominently position your campaign message close to where purchasing decisions are made. The diverse targeting options based on interests, buying behaviour, socio-demography, personae, geography and so forth ensure that the right people get the message without any scatter losses.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads: Gute Sichtbarkeit, toller Abverkauf.

Fördern Sie gezielt den Abverkauf ausgewählter Produkte Ihrer Marke in führenden Online Shops. Sponsored Product Ads garantieren Ihnen eine prominente Platzierung Ihrer Produkte im Produkt-Listing und in Produkt-Empfehlungen. Der Abverkauf wird dadurch unmittelbar gefördert, Sie erhalten Insights in alle Platzierungs-Effekte. Gleichzeitig erhöhen Sie die Sichtbarkeit und beeinflussen auch das organische Ranking positiv.

Audience Extension

Sponsored product ads: high impact, great sales.

Promote the sale of selected brand products in leading online shops. Sponsored product ads guarantee your products a prominent position in product listings and recommendations. Sales are directly promoted and you gain insights into all placement effects. At the same time, you increase visibility and also positively influence organic ranking.

Social Media

Social media: authentic communication for genuine impact.

Build emotional appeal and credibility with editorial posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram to reach your target audience. Paid posts support organic reach, steer traffic to in-shop campaigns or serve as drive-to-store measures to activate promotions in the stores of our retail partners.

PoS Communication

PoS communication: top spots for the hottest ideas.

Our PoS advertising options leave nothing to be desired: first-rate promotional spaces to display and sell your products, video commercials on high-impact in-store screens and in shop windows for branding and sales promotion, large-format façade advertising in busy inner-city locations and lots more besides.

Insight Reports

Multichannel Insights: not only know your customers, understand them, too.

What are my customers’ profile and buying habits like? What other categories and brands do my customers buy? Our in-depth insight analyses provide answers to key questions about your customers, brands, and products. Our expert team of analysts will help you formulate questions and interpret results.


Sports events: fixtures for success.

The SportScheck RUN is one of the largest and most well-known runs in Germany (Nielsen market research institute). Through us, you can secure a partnership that enables you to achieve 360 degree communication at digital and stationary PoS as well as on the event spaces at the runs in 11 German cities – individually tailored to your needs.

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