About LAYA Solutions

Smart Data Platform + intelligent consulting x operational excellence = LAYA Solutions.

LAYA Solutions stands for intelligent, data-based retail solutions. With our LAYA Smart Data Platform, we offer an end-to-end solution for intelligent customer data management – as well as operational services and consulting in the areas of CRM management, campaign management and analytics, and data-driven marketing.

Our teams give retailers the opportunity to optimise their business models on the basis of data backed by cutting-edge technologies and expert know-how. The upshot: a highly personalised, integrated channel experience for the customer – and for the retailer the opportunity to fully tap customer data potential.

The LAYA Smart Data Platform

The service portfolio is built around the LAYA Smart Data Platform for modern data-driven marketing and advanced analytics. The Smart Data Platform provides retailers with a 360 degree customer view and provides the technical foundation for intelligent customer interactions and automated operative processes

As an end-to-end solution between data sources and customer touch points, the LAYA Smart Data Platform optimises the entire value creation process of customer data. We combine – clean up – standardise – refine – activate and monetise your customer data and create unique cross-channel customer experiences.

Smart Data Platform service modules


Our modular and flexible data platform forms the basis for rapid analyses and generating marketing potentials.

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Our 360° CRM system for a holistic customer view

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Maximise customer loyalty and engagement with couponing and CRM

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Our analytics and reporting products for the right insights

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Optimise paid activities and monetise reach through Programmatic Advertising Services

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Our guiding principles:

  • Flexible and modular architecture
  • High scalability
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Designed by experts for experts
  • Very user-friendly modules
  • Strong focus on IT security and GDPR directives

Your benefits:

  • Fast and seamless channel/system connection via easily integrated API framework
  • Benefit from the expertise of industry leaders
  • Maximum source code control
  • Faster, more agile thanks to standardisation and harmonisation
  • State-of-the-art platform in line with the latest tech standards
  • Out-of-the-box use of analytical products and modules such as scoring engines, segmentation
  • All customer accounts on one platform

Optimising business performance through loyalty

Following in-depth analysis of the GALERIA customer programme figures, measures to increase programme activity were adopted as the main optimisation tool for increasing turnover and frequency per customer. The Smart Data Platform loyalty module was to be used to monetise members of the programme and to expand reach as a basis for direct marketing campaigns.

Dynamic and automated reporting in Power BI

The reporting product was designed to set up automated reporting in order to both replace existing manual reports in Excel or PPT and at the same time include strategically significant developments. We focused on orienting the varied report content, its structure and the possibilities of interacting with it, to the various application areas of diverse stakeholders.

Scoring engine for optimised campaign management

With a multi-million customer base, deciding on what will appeal to different target audiences is no trivial matter for direct marketing teams. The effectiveness of advertising hinges on it being relevant to the recipient. Our challenge was to design a system that predicts which campaign and contact channels will achieve the greatest possible effect on the individual customers.

Our team

Client testimonials

Jan Becker

CEO & Managing Director Dress For Less GmbH

„The LAYA Group is a very important partner for us for the future development and expansion of our online fashion outlet business model. The colleagues from LAYA help us to make data-driven and customer-centric decisions with customer insights and KPI analyses and to align our product range, our pricing models and our offer communication to the needs of our customers. To this end, the LAYA Group not only provides modern technical solutions and strong implementation expertise, but also highly competent data scientists and operational marketing experts.“

Miguel Müllenbach

CEO GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof GmbH

“With the help of LAYA Solutions, we completely modernised our previous CRM and customer data management platform at GALERIA in record time and thus laid an important foundation for the rapid rollout of our GALERIA 2.0 strategy, through which we want to make our business model significantly more digital, data-based and customer-centric. Both the technical and functional support provided by LAYA Solutions is fundamental for the success of our strategy.”

Andreas Hink

CDO GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof GmbH

“LAYA Solutions not only provides us with modern and flexible IT solutions for the processing and use of customer data, but has also proven itself as a reliable integration partner and innovative service provider in the operation of our loyalty and data-driven marketing activities. LAYA Solutions optimally supports us in our goal of addressing our customers at all touchpoints with the most relevant and personalised offers possible based on customer insights and smart data.”

Christine Wurm

CDO SportScheck GmbH

“We have been working successfully and collaboratively with LAYA since 2020 as part of our loyalty and data-driven marketing activities. Together, we pursue the goal of providing our customers with targeted, relevant offers at all touchpoints along the customer journey.”

Michael Knor

Leiter CRM Leiner Wohntraum-Club & kika Fanclub

“With LAYA Solutions, we are able to excite our customers and club members with personal, individualised messages and offers through the communication channel that is most relevant for them. LAYA Solutions is a reliable and dynamic partner with broad expertise in data-driven CRM that optimally prepares us for the future.”

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Data Foundation

Mit unserer modularen und flexiblen Datenplattform schaffen wir die Basis für schnelle Analysen und die Generierung von Marketingpotenzialen.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • Schnelles Onboarding von neuen Kunden und Datentöpfen
  • Flexible Daten-Import und -Export Standards
  • Realtime API Framework zur Integration von Echtzeitdaten
  • Batch-Framework zum Import von Filebasierten Daten
  • Cloudbasierter Ansatz
  • GDPR-konforme Architektur und Standards
  • Einheitliches Datenmodell mit Fokus auf die Bildung eines Golden Records
  • Analytische Basisleistungen out-of-the-box (Scoring Engine, Segmentierungen, Recommendation-Engine)

Customer Master

Unser 360° Customer Master – als operatives CRM System, aber auch in der analytischen Plattform – ermöglicht uns eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf den Kunden über alle Kanäle und Datenpunkte hinweg. Gleichzeitig schaffen wir durch die Verknüpfung von CRM-, Core-, Transaktions-, Kampagnen- und Click-Daten in einem Omni-Channel-Ansatz eine einheitliche Sicht auf den Kunden. Und das schon heute mit über 5 Billionen Datensätzen zu über 20 Mio. Kunden.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • Identity & Access Management über Kanäle & Datenquellen
  • Übergreifendes Consent Management
  • Flexibles Datenmodell für 360° Kundensicht
  • Customer Service Center Frontend (CRM)
  • Integration von analytischen Scores & Modellen am Kunden
  • GDPR-konforme Architektur und Standards


Mit über 27 Millionen Transaktionen sind wir Experten, wenn es darum geht, mit Loyalty, Couponing und CRM Potentiale bei Kundenloyalität und -Engagement zu nutzen.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • TRX & Customer based Loyalty Rating Engine
  • Real-Time Earn & Burn mit Punkten
  • Bonifizierung für Warenkörbe/ Einzelartikel/ Warenausschlüsse
  • Flexible Couponing Engine inklusive Personalisierungsfunktion
  • Personalisiertes Loyalty-Konto & Coupon Center
  • Rundungsregeln & Kulanzprozesse
  • Automatisierte Verarbeitung von Retouren & Rückzahlungen
  • Flexible & multiple Statuslevel Qualifizierungsregeln
  • Multipartner-Anbindung (z.B. wechselseitiges Earn & Burn)

Analytical Marketing

Unsere Analytics- und Reporting-Produkte sind die Basis für die Operationalisierung von Smart Retail und Data-Driven Marketing. Sie geben uns die nötigen Insights, um personalisierte Kampagnen zu konzipieren und so die Kundeninteraktion zu optimieren. Wir versenden jeden Monat über 80 Millionen automatisierte E-Mails an über 18 Millionen aktive E-Mail-Accounts.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • Out-of-the-box Customer Analytics (Scoring Engine, Segmentierung & Forecasting)
  • Standard Dashboards & Ad hoc Reportings
  • Multidimensionale Treiberbaumanalysen
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Product Recommendations
  • Predictive Inventory Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Vollautomatisierte Kampagnenstrecken
  • Automatisiertes Multichannel Kampagnenreporting
  • 360° Campaign Management Suite
  • Einbindung von Analytics in den Kampagnen-Management Prozess

Behavioral Marketing

Optimieren Sie Ihre Paid Aktivitäten und monetarisieren Sie Ihre eigene Reichweite mit unseren Online & Programmatic Advertising Services. Durch unsere Customer Insights verbessern wir das Targeting für Paid Media und schöpfen die Preisbereitschaft Ihrer Kunden maximal aus. Durch Zentralisierung, Automatisierung und KI-gesteuerte Echtzeit-Optimierung maximieren wir die Effizienz Ihrer Vermarktungsaktivitäten.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • Programmatic Module im Bereich Demand & Supply Side
  • Demand Side Platform: Technologie für auktionsbasierten Einkauf von Werbeplätzen
  • Supply Side Platform: Technologie zum Vertrieb von Werbeplätzen
  • Vollautomatische Kampagnenbuchung, Aussteuerung und Abrechnung
  • Verknüpfung von CRM, Loyalty & anonymen Cookiedaten
  • Programmatic Module as a Service (auf Wunsch)

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