Waldemar Gilich

As product owner in the Programmatic business unit, together with my great team, I am responsible for developing and running technologies for the data-based buying and selling of advertising space. Delivering these technological possibilities to our partners is a key part in my work.

More about me

My great passion is sport. From climbing and snowboarding to surfing and football, I simply love being on the move. As I’d been very interested in design and technology since my youth, I decided to study media production and technology. After that, I was responsible for the digitalisation and international management of data-driven projects in a large retail enterprise. When I heard about the founding of LAYA, I was immediately captivated by their corporate vision.

What is particularly fascinating about my job is the dynamic environment. In the internet, new trends and opportunities literally spring up overnight.

LAYA offers an exceptionally diverse and modern working environment. What really makes my job special though are my colleagues. This is a group of people who really know their job and what’s more, they all get on extremely well together.

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