Anja Kroggel

As Campaign Execution Owner, I am responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing a wide range of campaigns, along with a mixed team of journey planners and content managers. You could say that we are the creative part of LAYA Solutions and interface to customers.

More about me

With my typically happy Rhenish nature, I am a very communicative person, which is why I fell in love with e-mail marketing during my marketing studies. Now, after some 10 years in this channel, LAYA gave me the opportunity to extend my skills and focus on data-driven customer journey management. This thrilling mix of creative work and analysing customer behaviour is right up my street.

No two days are the same and I learn something new every day. Using your initiative is the key to success at LAYA and enables me to gain new experiences and impressions every day.

There are no unnecessary hierarchies or entrenched departments at LAYA. Colleagues get together faster and exchanges happen automatically. Working self-dependently, you are also fully responsible for your topics. So feedback, praise, and motivation lands up at the right person.

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